Replace blame with personal responsibility.

Replace blame…

X is why my life isn’t Y.

Success begins in the mind.  If you don’t believe you can do something, you won’t try.  Blame assumes something else is in control.  When you blame – you lose the power to rewrite the story.  If you choose blame, you conclude your tragedy.

…with personal responsibility.

This is how I will make my life…

Shift from “This is why my life isn’t…” to “This is how I will make my life…”

When you choose personal responsibility, you empower yourself.

Decide that now is the perfect moment to change your life.


Start paying attention to the way you think and speak.  Can you rewrite your stories to empower yourself?  Catch yourself in blame and share the empowered version with us below.

Inspired by:

This article was inspired by an article about Mindset for a Successful, Fulfilling Life written by Alexander Heyne at Milk The Pigeon.