What are you happy for?

I didn’t feel like getting out of bed this morning.  I was having a hard day before it even started.  But after each successive snooze I found more concerned text messages from my girlfriend.  I finally got up and called her.  She was glad that I was okay but even more excited to share an article she’d found.

I called her on my way to work so she could read it to me.  I asked who wrote the article but she wouldn’t tell me.  She started reading and I loved it from the start.

It was friendly, personable, and gave a fresh perspective on a familiar idea.  It fits the Nut Fed tagline – fresh ideas timeless wisdom.

Daily Writing

I built a website for daily writing but the front page was empty.  I wanted something that would encourage new users to register and use the website.  I needed a summary of the many benefits of writing every day.  I added quotes from around the web but the article my girlfriend found was much better.

Gratitude Journal

One of the reasons I wanted to build 130words.com was to keep a daily gratitude journal.  My sister has been writing a daily gratitude journal for years now and she swears by it.  I’ve wanted to start the habit but could never settle on a place to write.

I finally solved the problem by building my own daily writing website.  Just register, create a custom category like “gratitude journal” and write in it every day.  Try it now!

Happiness Journal

The article was about gratitude journaling but with a twist.  It’s a happiness journal. You don’t need to write about things that “warm your soul or make you feel whole.  Write anything that makes you smile.  That’s enough.”

As my girlfriend finished reading the article she slowed down and read the last example… “I am happy for my brother’s laughter over the phone.”  Then she paused and said… your sister wrote this article.

—  I was flattered and proud all at once.  —

My sister’s been building a blog to support her dream career.  I heard an article for the first time and was genuinely impressed.  The closing warmed my heart and made me feel genuinely valued.

What am I happy for?

I’m happy for my sister.  She is a great source of inspiration.  She writes well, loves well and lives with confidence.  I admire her courage and wish her well as she quits her job to build her dream career.

Read her article Happiness Counts and track her progress at juliahalefitness.com.

What are you happy for?

Write now at 130words.com or leave a comment below.  If it’s about someone you love let them know.  They may not know how much something they do means to you.  They’ll be happy to know they’re appreciated and the love will be returned.  I’ll be sure to laugh next time I’m on the phone with my sister.  😉